Mommy Runs: Daddy Chases
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Mommy Runs: Daddy Chases Raw

Alternative Titles Mami Kuaipao: Diedi Zhui Lai Le, Mommy Run Away: Daddy Is Chasing After You, Mummy Run: Daddy Is Coming, Sweet Escape (Shaoxing Huang Man), 妈咪快跑爹地追来了, 妈咪快跑:爹地追来了

Synopsis Mommy Runs: Daddy Chases

阴差阳错的欢爱,她被推向了一个极其神秘尊贵的男人,不得不选择带球落跑。几年后,她带小包子华丽上线!小包子作为男子汉,最大的梦想就是替他家小仙女找一个身高一米九,胸口八块肌,全球富豪榜第一的完美老公! “女人,带着我的种跑了这么久,该回来认错了吧!”男人霸气出现!林芷不但被抢了孩子,就连心也没守住!

She was forced to leave after an accidental intimate encounter. Five years later, she returned with her lovely son! But on the day she returned, she annoyed a cold and handsome chief executive. What shocked him, even more, was that the president and her son looked exactly the same! After the domineering man appeared, Lin Zhi not only had her son be taken away but also her heart!

Released 2019
Author 公子婼 (Shaoxing Huang Man) [Add, ]
Artist Chuanqi Man Ye
Serialization N/A
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Chapter Mommy Runs: Daddy Chases